Saturday, January 12, 2008

Black Lips - Party At Rob's House 7" (First Pressing) 2006

Black Lips. If you don't know who Black Lips are you should quickly go to Itunes or your local record store and buy their 2007 releaseGood Bad Not Evil. It will make you fall in love with straight up Rock and Roll all over again. Wild, raw, rock and roll with hooks galore.

These guys are coming to LA in a month or so and I'm hoping and praying it doesn't sell out before I get a paycheck and can afford tickets.

Anyways, this is a 7" from 2006 that features an early raw version of the first single on "Good Bad Not Evil" called "O Katrina!". But on this record it is just listed as "Katrina". It sounds like this song was recorded in a bedroom or a small club or as the title implies "at Rob's House". I don't know the real story, but I can say it rocks. The studio version on the new record is also great. Tears streaming down your face good.

The two songs on side 2 are also pretty fantastic. Again I hope I can see these guys live before they blow up too big. They sound like they really tear it up live and from everything I've read, that seems to be the case. I saw them on Conan and the tore that place up singing "Oh Katrina!" of course.

By the way if you are looking for this record, it has been repressed and a simple google search will lead you to places selling it for a reasonable price.

Now put on your dancing shoes and let the rock roll.

01 Oh Katrina (St. Pe's Tears Mix).m4a

02 Five & Ten.m4a

03 Sea Of Blasphemy.m4a

And the whole thing here.


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