Monday, January 14, 2008

Benny Goodman - Swing Into Spring

So the one and only reason for this post is track 5 "Perfidia". Sure the other tracks on the record are fine songs as well, but there is something about that "Perfidia" that I can't get enough.

In prepping for this entry I read the liner notes a little closer. The smooth as butter vocal is a woman named Helen Forrest. I'm sure some Jazz aficionado could write a history on her, but me, I'm not so well read. I have no idea who she is at this stage in my life. The other thing about the song is that Count Basie is on the piano. That's right Count Basie. Need I say more.

The other thing I love about this song and you'll notice that quite of few of the songs follow this structure, but I love the long instrumental intro. Just when you think this is just a lovely instrumental that can't get any better, this amazing vocal comes in.

From what I've researched this record was released to coincide with some "Swing Into Spring" TV show in 1959. You'll notice that the record was released exclusively to Texaco customers. I'm guessing that Texaco also sponsored that show. So the album is really just a compilation of previously released material. And in my opinion it is some fantastic material. I'm sure you can find all of these songs on CD's somewhere, but here you'll get my crackling and popping vinyl rips. I think it adds a little to the nostalgia.

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