Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Betty And Charles - Somebody's Foolin'/Can't Find Love 7"

I don't know anything about Betty and Charles other than I like this record. I've done some basic internet searching and only found that there are some Malaco records compilations that have some of their songs. When I listen to the first song "Somebody's Been Foolin'" I think this is what a single should sound like. Catchy, full of energy and completely stands on it's on. It's the kind of song where all you need it this one song and your good. The lyrics are also kind of funny. To me it sounds like they were some kind of couple where it seemed like everyone was trying to hit on them and come between them. Maybe I'm not hearing things right, but you be the judge.
The second song "Can't Find Love" is a great soul side. When you think of soul this is the exact kind of song you should be thinking of. It is great because of the male and female vocals it covers what male soul should be as well as female soul. There is not a single insincere note in the whole song. They both just give it all they got. And the give an take between the two just cuts to you to the core.
So have a listen to this long forgotten gem.
01 Somebody's Foolin' (Where We've Been Roostin').m4a
02 Can't Find Love.m4a

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